Lloyd Lake

Lloyd Lake is Calgary’s newest disc golf course. Located just south of Red Deer Lake school, this 18-hole course was installed with the baskets from the Refinery course after we had to close it for park renovations.

Lloyd Lake is in a private park; therefore any visitor is required to obtain a membership – either $5/day or $20 for the season. You can buy a pass from the house just inside the gate when you enter the park.

Closes at 8:00PM (Mar-Sep), 7:00PM in October, and 5:00PM (Nov-Feb). Please be out of the park by then.

Lloyd Lake is Calgary’s longest and most challenging course and was designed with the goal of being a championship level course. The course will be having slight adjustments done to the tee locations for the first little bit as we are working to make this course as great as possible!

The most current hole map can be downloaded here: Lloyd Lake Map (PDF).

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